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“Marvels still got it folks”, I guess that statement all on its own sums up the review for Spider-Man : No Way Home. In this post End Game era we have to admit we were all wondering how can marvel top that phenomenal movie now that most of the original cast have parted ways from the Studio, although we did see glimmers of hope here and there with Marvels entry into the OTT space and it’s new initiatives such as Shang Chi and Eternals, I still felt that there was something lacking with the new direction and not sure if they could achieve that same magic again.
But boy did marvel prove not just me but all the doubters wrong with this Spider-Man movie, not giving away any spoilers but this feels like a true Spider-Man flick after a long time. We see Peter reeling with the after effects of what happened in Far from home which not only affects him this time but the people closest to him. It was nice to see everyone in the movie more involved in the story than before , MJ, Ned, Happy, Aunt May, etc are no longer side characters with fleeting impacts, they have a purpose in this movie and that’s to help Peter make the right choice and not the best choice for him.
Benedict Cumberbatch is back as the mystical Doctor Strange but not like how hardcore Sherlock fans would have wanted , he actually takes a break from most of the sequences but makes his presence feel desirable and not overbearing.
Classic villains like Doc Oc , Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, Sandman play their roles exceptionally well. They don’t drag the story too far to make it tiresome nor does their presence feel diminished, Jon watts actually did quite well in bringing a Russo Brothers like experience.
Oh and I know that YouTube is totally flooded with leaks and you guys would already know the big twist that marvel wanted to drop on us but in the interest of preserving the essence of the movie am not gonna spoil it for you folks u better watch it in the theatres and enjoy it while you can.

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