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Spiderman: No Way Home Review (Major Spoilers in my Review!)

Overall Score: 89/100
Ranking of Spiderman movies
Spider Man 2
Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse
Spider Man: No Way Home
Spider Man 1
Spiderman 3
Spiderman Far From Home
Spiderman Homecoming
The Amazing Spiderman 2
The Amazing Spider Man

High Points of the Movie:
MJ and Ned comforting Peter after Aunt May had died on the rooftop (best scene in my opinion)
MJ and Andrew Garfield going back and forth on if he is Spiderman
The opening was really good and set the tension early, felt engaging immediately (reminded me of Infinity War opening..sobering)
Loved seeing the fight between Doc Oc and Spiderman on the bridge…well done
Loved the scene of Dr. Strange chasing after Spiderman in mirror dimension
Green Goblin was a great villain: deceitful, uncanny, and irrantic
Loved Andrew Garfield being quippy when fighting Electro
Loved Andrew Garfield have his moment of redemption
Loved how Peter let MJ and Ned go on to live their lives without him…(great scene overall)
that was true Peter Parker esque
Overall: I loved Zendaya’s performance…I thought she carried a lot of weight in her character…much more than prior movies
Loved how Tom Holland’s Peter actually had consequences in this one…unfortunately it costed him dearly…but that is a true Peter Parker story done well if you could show that…. in my opinion

What Didn’t work for me
Could see through the cuts the actors they couldn’t get back (Connors and Sandman)
Spidermen talking amongst each other about villains and webs
maybe some people really enjoyed that though
Electro’s character…felt kind of hollow a little bit? (One note and very different than his character in AS2)
Didn’t love when older spiderman made light of their stories about themselves (the existential crisis bit mentioned I didn’t love)
Was hoping for more from Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker… he did good but not great
was hoping he would be more similar to Spiderverse older Peter Parker

This movie is what I have wanted from Tom Holland’s Spiderman but felt lacking in previous films. He has severe consequences with his choices, his heart comes through in giving people second chances, and mostly he had to grieve a loss that meant a lot for him. In essence, Spiderman becomes Spiderman to me when his world is crumbling and he still chooses to do what is good and right which I think this movie showcased well. The internal struggle and pain was well shown in this movie.
For the most part I enjoyed seeing redemption from prior Spiderman characters and I enjoyed seeing the Spidermen work together and help one another. But I think the movie shines when the story is just focused on the characters from Tom Holland’s universe. When Peter, Aunt May, Ned, and (especially) MJ have scenes together, it was so good. I prefered those moments over the rest. I thought the last scene with Peter, MJ, and Ned in the coffee shop was great and just hits deep at the heart of why Peter did what he did. Peter wants a better life for those he loves and if he has to sacrifice his own for it, he has courage and selflessness to do so. This is why I love Peter Parker as a character. Spiderman does great and cool things, but the reason I love these movies is because of Peter Parker.

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